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"Personal learning project that turned into a SaaS Business Income Generating Machine."

Snoopi is a GeoIP Webservice that allows web developers to retrieve a user’s location via ip address in a non-intrusive way. It’s a great for marketing solutions such as tracking users on landing pages, sign-ups, contact forms, to something as more complex to fraud detection for eCommerce platforms. IP Addresses can be translated into Country, City, Latitude, Longitude, Zip Code, TimeZone etc..

There’s a lot of providers out there that provide GeoIP solutions, however what makes Snoopi different is the light weight quick response time that allows it to make it easy for developers to integrate into their web solutions. We also have additional tools such as Zip Code Radius, Latitude / Longitude to ZipCode which is great for apps, and few other services that make it easier for developers.

I developed this project back in 2014 when i was learning how to build RESTFUL APIs applications. I used GeoIP as my project experiment. Within 6 months i noticed alot of developers signing up for the free service. I did nothing for a few years and found that i had over 2000 developers signed up using my GEO IP Location service i had built as an experiment project. In 2017, i converted the website into a SaaS business and offer the cheapest Geo IP Service on the web.
Client Name

Carlos Arias

Release Date

July 15, 2017

Project Types

SaaS Business

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